Saturday, February 12, 2011

Way I understand The GOD

Existence of god is a question that all scientists wanted to answer. Since they are belong to a religion and they grow up with a background which lead them to think about the existence of god. Explanations for existence of god lead to many arguments. Main argument is that, is there only one god or existence of several gods. As a person with a Buddhist background I believe that there are many gods. And I reject the concept of ultimate creator.
According to my understandings I think term god is use to explain a high energy stream where as this energy came from a human. That mean god must be a human in his early stage or before he become a god. We all know that all human beings are mad up of organic molecules which we known as physical body.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Supernatural powers part III

As you know according to supernaturalism part I and part II, supernaturalism is a phenomena that modern science cannot prove, but people wanted to know the truth behind these events. When people search about supernaturalism they approach these events and study them in several ways.
First one is the Anecdotal approach which is scientists collect stories about supernatural events and study them. But anecdotal approach is always lack of reproducibility of experimental evidents so the scientists unable to investigate such events scientifically. next approach is the parapsychology approach. And the 3rd approach is participant observer approach. In this approach scientists presume to understand the event. 4th one is skeptical scientific investigation. This approaching method lead to a applying of scientific method to the supernatural activity.
The way I understand the supernaturalism is. The universe consist of dimensions of space- time which containing matter and energy. Then what about mind?. Let mind to be in a different dimension. The life is the interaction of dimension of mind and space-time dimension. According to this model (Mind dimension and space-time dimension model) all the physical explanations are deal with the events happening in the space-time dimension. clairvoyance or the telling about future is a case of a cause in space-time producing an effect in mind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Supernatural powers part II

As I told you in part I, I think that supernatural powers are natural events that we are unable to explain by modern science. That doesn't  mean that existence of such events are imaginations of human mind. But I believe that Vampires and Werewolf are not belong to any kind of supernatural events. I may be wrong on that but it is my personal believe. Existence of God and Ghosts which I believe as a supernatural event can be accepted. Because there should be a place where our energy or soul go after the death. It may be haven, hell or the 4th dimension. which ordinary people cannot see.

Most of the supernatural powers are performed by humans. As a Buddhist I should consider about the supernatural powers that Load Buddha had. Who is the most charitable spiritual leader dedicated himself to promote universal well being. According to the knowledge that I gain from Internet and from books, Load Buddha had six different supernatural powers. 

Supernatural powers part I

As the name implies supernatural power is a phenomena that we cant explain by scientific experiments. or on the other hand we cannot investigate empirically. So we tends to super naturalized those phenomenas to explain them. Most of the time supernatural activities are associated with religious miracles such as healing, spells, divination. therefore we group above paranormal activities as supernatural phenomenas due to the inability to reproduce such things for scientific examinations. 
Even though supernatural phenomena cannot be explain by modern science people continue to search about supernatural power, since human has a quality that he is capable of understanding what is around  him and how to react for them. Because of this wonderful quality people try to naturalize these supernatural or paranormal activities by the means of Physics where they may fail some times. But they never giveup. Human brain is always try to make assumptions in order to explain what he observe. Acceptance of these assumptions always depend on the validity of the scientific explanation. Once they accepted the scientific explanation they understand the scientific concept for a particular supernatural phenomena. then they accept it as a natural thing.