Monday, February 7, 2011

Supernatural powers part I

As the name implies supernatural power is a phenomena that we cant explain by scientific experiments. or on the other hand we cannot investigate empirically. So we tends to super naturalized those phenomenas to explain them. Most of the time supernatural activities are associated with religious miracles such as healing, spells, divination. therefore we group above paranormal activities as supernatural phenomenas due to the inability to reproduce such things for scientific examinations. 
Even though supernatural phenomena cannot be explain by modern science people continue to search about supernatural power, since human has a quality that he is capable of understanding what is around  him and how to react for them. Because of this wonderful quality people try to naturalize these supernatural or paranormal activities by the means of Physics where they may fail some times. But they never giveup. Human brain is always try to make assumptions in order to explain what he observe. Acceptance of these assumptions always depend on the validity of the scientific explanation. Once they accepted the scientific explanation they understand the scientific concept for a particular supernatural phenomena. then they accept it as a natural thing. 
But unfortunately  scientific explanations depend on the existence of physical effect. What will happen if there is no physical effect from supernatural phenomena like spell/ curse, therefore all supernatural phenomenas cannot be explain by science. So people use several prospective to explain these supernatural powers, one is they think that these events which cannot be explain by physics, as a natural act in a systematic fashion only because god wills it so. Next one is these events are part of the nature that modern science and philosophy do not yet properly understand. As a science student I strongly agree with the second prospect therefore I believe in supernatural powers which we can understand as natural thing in future  .