Monday, February 7, 2011

Supernatural powers part II

As I told you in part I, I think that supernatural powers are natural events that we are unable to explain by modern science. That doesn't  mean that existence of such events are imaginations of human mind. But I believe that Vampires and Werewolf are not belong to any kind of supernatural events. I may be wrong on that but it is my personal believe. Existence of God and Ghosts which I believe as a supernatural event can be accepted. Because there should be a place where our energy or soul go after the death. It may be haven, hell or the 4th dimension. which ordinary people cannot see.

Most of the supernatural powers are performed by humans. As a Buddhist I should consider about the supernatural powers that Load Buddha had. Who is the most charitable spiritual leader dedicated himself to promote universal well being. According to the knowledge that I gain from Internet and from books, Load Buddha had six different supernatural powers. 

  • IDDHIVIDHA - which is the power of transformation
  • DIBBASOTA - which is celestial hearing
  • CETOPARIYA. - which is the power of discernment of the mind of others
  • PUBBENIVASA - which is the power of knowing previous existences
  • DIBBA-CAKKHU - Which is celestial vision
  • ASAVAKKHAYA - Which is super-mundane knowledge

Load Buddha achieve these supernatural powers by meditation. Meditation lead to a spiritual development of the mind. According to my understandings  Load Buddha develop his mind to a certain level that ordinary people cannot do. By developing his mind Load Buddha may had the power of utilizing the energy of his body. where as all human being adorned by 4 different elements called Apo (water), Thejho (fire), Whayo (air), Patavi (earth). By developing our mind to a certain level we can utilize the energy which store in this 4 elements. By developing his mind to the highest level Load Buddha achieve his supernatural powers. And I believe that if we develop our mind we also capable of achieving these supernatural powers, not to the level where Load Buddha was, But to a some extant.