Thursday, February 10, 2011

Supernatural powers part III

As you know according to supernaturalism part I and part II, supernaturalism is a phenomena that modern science cannot prove, but people wanted to know the truth behind these events. When people search about supernaturalism they approach these events and study them in several ways.
First one is the Anecdotal approach which is scientists collect stories about supernatural events and study them. But anecdotal approach is always lack of reproducibility of experimental evidents so the scientists unable to investigate such events scientifically. next approach is the parapsychology approach. And the 3rd approach is participant observer approach. In this approach scientists presume to understand the event. 4th one is skeptical scientific investigation. This approaching method lead to a applying of scientific method to the supernatural activity.
The way I understand the supernaturalism is. The universe consist of dimensions of space- time which containing matter and energy. Then what about mind?. Let mind to be in a different dimension. The life is the interaction of dimension of mind and space-time dimension. According to this model (Mind dimension and space-time dimension model) all the physical explanations are deal with the events happening in the space-time dimension. clairvoyance or the telling about future is a case of a cause in space-time producing an effect in mind.
When mind produce a effect in space-time dimension, it is psychokinesis. And telepathy is event that occur in mind dimension. According to my understandings, by interacting mind dimension and space-time dimension humans are able to use there internal energy which they gain in there birth.
We all know that humans has a aura. may be this aura is due to the emission of internal energy. And the intensity of this aura depending on our spiritual conditions. That mean spiritual conditions or way of living is correlated to the internal energy. By doing bad thing or sinful deeds lead to a decreasing of internal energy. Eventually they reduce there energy to a level that they cannot maintain there physical body and leave it. After leaving physical body this energy stream or spirit will find another physical body with the same energy. Since human body has the highest energy level, leaving energy may go into a animal. On the other hand if leaving spirit has  a high energy it will search for a physical body with a high energy.

 When it comes to healing power which is a supernatural power It may be done by emitting radiation. I have studied that when radiation energy collide with a molecule, molecule can rotate, can have electron transitions. and can change there molecular structure. I told that by meditation we can develop our mind so that it can easily interact with the space-time dimension. which will help to utilize internal energy. what will happen if we utilize internal energy to produce radiation? Then this radiation can use for healing. 

This is  how I understand the supernatural phenomena and If you guys think that I'm wrong please feel free to correct me 
Thank you 
Rasika Dissanayake 
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