Saturday, February 12, 2011

Way I understand The GOD

Existence of god is a question that all scientists wanted to answer. Since they are belong to a religion and they grow up with a background which lead them to think about the existence of god. Explanations for existence of god lead to many arguments. Main argument is that, is there only one god or existence of several gods. As a person with a Buddhist background I believe that there are many gods. And I reject the concept of ultimate creator.
According to my understandings I think term god is use to explain a high energy stream where as this energy came from a human. That mean god must be a human in his early stage or before he become a god. We all know that all human beings are mad up of organic molecules which we known as physical body.
The energy associated with this molecules may give rise to the mind. Where as the complexity of the body increase the power of the mind. As a example let consider about the evolution where animals are fail to think but humans can think.

As I told you in my early posts. Human life is a creation of the interaction of space-time dimension and the mind dimension. When the two energies associated with these dimensions are equal, life is form. I believe that energy of the space-time dimension or the energy of the physical body can be increase physically. But energy associated with the mind dimension can only increase by meditation. By meditation we can open our mind so that it can receive cosmic energy, which may increase the energy of the mind dimension. As a result of this, energy of the mind dimension may increase up to a certain level that energy of the physical body or the energy of the space-time dimension is not comparable with it. then these two dimensions get separated. Which is known as the physical death. Then what will happen to the mind?

Since energy of the mind is comparatively high it remain as a energy stream. I think this high energy stream is what we call god. since they exists in mind dimension or on other words since they have no physical body we cannot see them. And since they have high energy with them I believe that they can perform supernatural event.